Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tomales Point

Friday November 7th, 2014

Field Trip to Tomales Point By Kylie Carpenter, Kelsey Cox, Syd Godfrey, Alec Moschetti, Kevin Gugerty

Majestic Tule Elk at Tomales Point
Ye Old Dairy (AKA Pierce Point Ranch)

On November 7th, 2014, Sonoma State University's Restoration Ecology and Ecology class combined for a field trip to the Tomales Point Elk Exclosure Experiments.  These experiments look at the consequences of the tule elk reintroduction for plant invasions and community composition in coastal grasslands.  


 Elk will shed and regrow their antlers next year. The park has a problem with poachers coming in and removing the fallen antlers. To combat this the park rangers will go out and collect antlers, grind them up, then spread the grindings out across the park.
Ranger Drew told us about the reintroduction of the Tule Elk.
This population was reduced to 10 individuals found in Bakersfield, and were
relocated to the Point Reyes reserve 17 years ago. There are now about 360 Tule Elk. 

ENSP 423 Restoration Ecology and BIOL 333 Ecology students at the top of Tule Elk Preserve at Tomales Point 

Each enclosure has an unfenced control with a 3m buffer 

Elk Exclosure 36x36 plot shows effects of elk on the community

Inside Elk Exclosure 36x 36 

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