Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jenner Headlands

SSU Restoration Ecology At The Jenner Headlands
by Austin Duke

On the tenth day of October in the year 2014, the Sonoma State Restoration Ecology class took a nice day-trip out to Duncan Mills to learn about shaded fuel breaks and the work of the Wild Conservancy. We were greeted by two employees of Wild Conservancy, who showed us around the Jenner Headlands and taught us how to create and maintain a shaded fuel break. We spent most of our day helping maintain the shaded fuel break by cutting all the low level vegetation and stacking it on top of the exposed stumps. We were very lucky to be able to success this property on such a beautiful day. 

Climbing the hill to the shaded fuel break!

Tim looking for some more low level vegetation to cut!

Hard at work!

What beautiful Salamander!

Everybody is exhausted after a long day of work.

Zach and Meghan chatting it up before we left.

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